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Thank you for your support as we strive to bring back a wonderful part of our earthly heritage. Knowing there are others who share our values and our love of the land makes the work easier.

The Glendale Memorial Nature Preserve and offices are located in the hamlet of Glendale in the Florida panhandle, 40 miles north of the Gulf Coast and about midway between Mobile, Alabama and Tallahassee, Florida.

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     (850) 859 2141
Mailing address:
     Glendale Memorial Nature Preserve
     297 Railroad Avenue
     DeFuniak Springs FL 32433
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Our goal is to enhance, protect, and preserve a valuable area of distinctive beauty, provide affordable, environmentally sensible burial options, and to encourage a return to sane, older, traditional approaches to burial.

Here are a few of the advantages which we offer:
Spacious burial and cremation repository sites, banning of expensive vaults and toxic embalming chemicals, and insistence that caskets be made of wood or other biodegradable materials. We can also assist in locating such affordable caskets (costing as low as a few hundred dollars rather than thousands), or cremation urns made of wood or clay. You can also use shrouds woven from cotton or wool, or you can even use a favorite blanket or quilt. Appropriate markers can be uncut natural stone, or a native tree, shrub, or flower. Any or all the above ensure that the burial site itself becomes a living memorial and a testament to your personal values.

While we do not direct funerals, we will be happy to work with you or your family if you want to bury your loved one yourselves. We can also work with your mortician regarding arrangements and requirements for burial in the preserve. If your family or mortician is uncomfortable working with a traditional burial, we can help you find a consultant to assist you. You may also scatter ashes at Glendale Memorial Nature Preserve, or bury beloved pets in your family plot.

Eighty percent -- the best and wildest part of Glendale's 350 acres, located in Florida's panhandle area -- will remain forever wild and free of development. Only trails and boardwalks have been added to allow you access to burial sites or to explore the natural beauty of the longleaf pine-wiregrass ecosystem. In other words, Glendale Memorial Nature Preserve's purpose is to maintain a natural setting for those who love the Earth, choose to continue their stewardship of nature beyond their life-time, and who seek an alternative to current burial practices.

Glendale Nature Preserve Inc. is a tax exempt (I.R.S. 501 (c) (13) non-profit organization chartered in 2002. Because we care deeply about saving land, we set aside 25 percent of gross receipts for preserve restoration, perpetual stewardship, and other conservation activities. We also help promote memorial preserves in other regions of the country, and are affiliated with Memorial Ecosystems.

To make a donation via PayPal, click on the donation button above.
To donate directly to GMNP by credit card, call 850-859-2141
Or send a check or money order to:
Glendale Memorial Nature Preserve
297 Railroad Avenue
DeFuniak Springs FL 32433

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