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Friends commonly show photos of a pet, a most cherished animal companion, with its human counterpart. Pets can become a very important part of our lives, whether we are rich or poor, young or old. They give us so much unconditional love and affection, and all they ask in return is our attention and affection. Someday, however, we have to say that final "good-bye". The grief can be overwhelming, and when that time comes when we must let go, we are faced with the dilemma of what to do with our beloved animal friend. Glendale Memorial Nature Preserve is aware of the importance of the proper burial of beloved pets as a means for honoring  animals who endeared themselves to their human families. Such burials also signify one's kinship with the natural world in general. 

Many families live in urban areas, or places where pet burial is prohibited, and almost all "pet cemeteries" are areas apart from the human cemetery. Here at the preserve, when you are assigned a family plot, pet burials in the same plot are guaranteed and welcomed. Assistance with the burial is available at very little cost. Stock or made-to-order caskets are also available but not required. 

Historically the ritual burial of beloved animals goes back to pre-history, although none may be more famous than the funeral procession and burial of Alexander the Great's beloved dog of many years, "Peritas". Alexander even named a city after the animal, which can be found to this day in that location. There are alternatives to pet burial. Cremation is one but it is expensive and, for many, not as satisfying as a whole body burial in the same piece of ground where the pet's human counterpart(s) will one day lie. Freeze drying is another, even more expensive option, and leaves in question the eventual disposal of that taxidermal-like artifact after the pet's human companion and protector is one day laid to rest. Traditional burial, however, remains the most problem free. 

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